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Calmness 淡定

We are receiving this coming workshop classes on the 2nd half of summer session. Regular Script 楷書1B is for booking now ⬇️

July 24th - August 21st

Every Sunday 9:00-10:30am

Eastern Standard Time

You will learn phrase 淡定|Calmness

顏真卿多寶塔 | 歐陽詢九成宮 (二選一)

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淡定 Calmness is an attitude of taking things easy. An attitude that is positive, decisive, and sophisticated but also pay attention to good, victory without pride, defeat with grace.

Calmness describes a kind of courage, act in a relaxed and calm manner.

淡定 Calmness is a state of mind, a state of life. We carry this mindset in order to keep our lives with equanimity, without being too excited or too sad for things happened suddenly.

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