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Updated: May 19, 2022

Our website MeetCalligraphy is missing the characters tranlation. Sorry for being delayed. Here it comes...


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Small cursive 《短歌行》dǔgēxíng on Ming style letter paper, and this poem was origianlly written by the famous writer 曹操cáocāo in the late Eastern Han Dynasty with the ancient theme of Yuefu.

《短歌行》dǔgēxíng comes with two parts, and this calligraphy work is actually the first part of the poem. Through the singing of the banquet, it expresses the poet's talents and the ambition to overcome in a calm and steady tone.

Writing video is available on instagram @meetcalligraphy.

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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

洛神賦luòshénfù, a love myth was written by 曹植Cáozhí, a writer from the warring states period about 2000 years ago. Many calligraphers from generations have done with this beautiful and touching story for the past dynasties. However, the most popular one since forever belongs to calligrapher master 趙孟頫 zhàomèngfǔ from Yuan Dynasty.

With total 942 characters of three meters long roll, is written by small running styles. This work was completed during last Christmas season when we were called back for the 2nd curfew as Omicron crisis happened. Hollidays were still filled with the special and memorable moments in a spiritual level.

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